Come to Your Senses

What do you do when you get hungry? You eat. What do you do when you’re thirsty? You drink. What do you do when you’re tired? You sleep.

What do you do when you feel stress? You tighten your muscles. You lose focus. You worry. You throw a temper tantrum. You lash out. And the list goes on and on.

So what is the difference between your body telling you it is hungry or telling you it is stressed? Nothing, but unfortunately we are not taught how to deal with stress like we are immediately fed when we’re born.  The good news is it is never too late to learn!

The most powerful tool we have in this life is the freedom of choice. Our bodies use stress and pain to warn us that we are reaching our limits and in that split second before reaction, we have a choice. We can either spin out of control reacting to our body cues or ground ourselves into the present moment.

The natural remedy to stress and pain is to USE them as cues, like hunger, thirst, and fatigue.  When we are cued by our bodies with stress and pain we can choose to engage all five senses becoming fully present. Engaging our senses keeps us from being distracted by the mental gymnastics that normally follow stress and pain. When we avoid the mental gymnastics, we can remain calm and keep the stress and pain from gaining momentum.

If you’re ready to learn how to use your senses to counter balance the effects of stress and pain, scroll up to the white box at the top of the page entitled “How to Eliminate Stress in 20 Seconds….or LESS”. This beautifully illustrated FREE downloadable Pdf will show you how to quickly shift from chaos to calm using the five senses giving you a new outlook on life! Enjoy!





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