What’s driving you nuts lately?

Is it that you wish your team would work together more efficiently and professionally?
Or…maybe you wish your folks would clearly and respectfully communicate like mature adults,
Or…how about all those fun personality clashes which drag everyone down and cost the company time, money, and sanity?

Let’s face it, companies are only as good as the people who work in them and differing personalities and poor communication are two of the biggest challenges for any organization. In this fast-paced and very competitive business environment, creativity and innovation are the primary necessity. In order to create a superior product, assortments of personalities are also a necessity to dream up, organize, produce, and sell a product or service. Different people have different talents to bring to the table, and this is a good thing.



Two TigersHowever, with these varying personalities come real challenges. Not everyone will get along or be able to communicate their ideas and opinions effectively and professionally. If you’re like a lot of managers, there’s been way too many times where you feel more like a scolding parent than an effective leader. You just want to say, “if only everyone would JUST DO THEIR JOB and be civilized, we would be unstoppable!”

Now, here’s what COULD be the dream culture for your team:

  • They love their job. Every day. It’s a place where you’ve established a comfortable work environment which allows for everyone to share their talents and communicate openly, effectively, and professionally.
  • Personal squabbles are a thing of the past, and communications are increasingly coherent and efficient.
  • Your people have new tools to lower their stress level, maintain their energy and creativity.

All of these dreams can easily – and quickly – become a reality.

Using a unique experiential process of combining nature, wild animals (caged safely!), and very simple techniques, The CATalyst helps participants discover how interconnected they really are and how it feels to listen, understand, and respectfully respond to each other. When people learn to communicate and interact from a grounded, centered place they can unite as a balanced team, becoming a dynamic and synergistic organism which forms the new groundwork for a healthy and vibrant company culture.

Are you ready to move forward in dynamic new ways? If so, The CATalyst has the answers and is ready to serve you by taking you and your team to the next level.

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Corporate Testimonial: Geoffrey Berwind, Business Consultant, www.storytellingsuccess.com
Corporate Testimonial: Steve Harrison, Entrepreneur, Bradley Communications