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After more than 14 years of war, this country is facing a challenge of epidemic proportions.

Our country trains the men and women in the military branches to protect and defend this nation. They put themselves in harm’s way and give their lives in the name of freedom. We ask them to leave their homes and families so that we may be secure and free.

The military provides rigorous instruction to these men and women priming their senses to a heightened state. When facing combat, their heightened sensory awareness saves lives, but what happens when the battle is over? What happens we they return home? Are these men and women being taught how to “turn down” the intensity to integrate back to their normal live? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

After returning home from combat, many men and women face challenges as a result of continued exposure to the intense, wartime environment. Some of these difficulties may include:

  • Feeling constantly on edge and anxious; unable to sleep or experience recurrent nightmares.
  • Sensitivity to loud or sudden noises; difficulty being in crowded places.
  • Loss of interest; increasing isolation
  • Overwhelming feelings of anger and irritability; troubles maintaining personal relationships.

You can help these brave men and women of the military transition back to a normal life by using the experience of The CATalyst to get grounded upon their return. Using simple techniques and the built-in tools of the human body, The CATalyst teaches combat veterans to feel whole as they return to their daily routines. Counter-balancing the heightened senses created for war with focused sensory awareness in peace, The CATalyst teachers share efficient and effective stress elimination solutions.

Your donation will help them to:

  • Quickly recognize and reverse the debilitating effects of stress, allowing rest and relaxation.
  • Learn simple, yet powerful sensory awareness techniques to reduce heightened sensitivities.
  • Engage the natural world to achieve balance and ease of reintegration
  • Stabilize energy levels to restore a sense of normalcy and peace.

Your gift given is tax deductible and will help us to serve many more combat veterans. Please, help us restore peace in the lives of those who have ensured freedom for our families.


The CATalyst veteran services are offered free by The C.A.R.E. Foundation, a 501c3, non-profit organization in Orange County Florida. The donations made are tax-deductible under the IRS guidelines of 501c3 organizations.

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