The Catalyst is a program that helps you achieve peace of mind in a very unique way. How does it work? We bring you face to face with wild animals who will mirror your stress and get you grounded. As you walk through The CATalyst refuge, with Kevin as your guide, your animal teachers will show you how to shift from chaos to calm, from overwhelmed to composed.

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When You Arrive

Learn MoreRelax yourself into nature’s ultimate stress reduction technique.      
mountain lion

The Encounter

Learn MoreRediscover and reconnect your essence in the eyes of the wild.      
Kevin with wolf

How it Came About

Learn MoreReclaiming your peace of mind through instinct and intuition.      
black bear

Meet Your Teachers

Learn MoreReleasing your worries and anxieties, Restoring your sense of tranquility, Replenishing your spirit.      

Can Tigers Tame Your Stress?