Kevin with wolf - 1“The idea for the CATalyst emerged from the years I worked with combat veterans to de-stress them upon their return from desert, mountain, and jungle battlefields. I was privileged to use everything in my professional tool bag to help these battle-stressed vets decompress, reintegrate into society and find inner peace.

Sometime later, I attended a rather unusual seminar in Battleground, Indiana. The classroom wasn’t what you’d expect: no blackboard, no desks, no fluorescent lights. Instead I found myself standing in a fenced-in field, under a clear blue sky, facing a pack of wolves. I was taking a somewhat unorthodox class to learn how to engage wild animals to facilitate healing.

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So here I am in jeans, t-shirt, and work boots surrounded by a pack of 8 wolves. The wolves inhabited a park where humans study wild animals in a controlled setting. Right now, I was questioning my sanity because as soon as we came through the gate, Kevin with wolf - 2I saw the wolves notice us, charge out of the woods, up the hill, mouths open and eyes very focused. My heart was in my throat, but I knew if I freaked out things might not go well.

So, I quickly drew on my experience of de-stressing to stand my ground. I was fascinated (and relieved!) to see that as I calmed down, the wolves calmed down too. Then I decided to try something: I raised my energy level and instantly I watched them get agitated. They drew closer to me and some even made physical contact in a clearly aggressive manner.

THAT got my attention.

So, I brought my energy down again, and was surprised when they exactly mirrored that behaviorKevin with wolf - 3 almost instantly. In fact, some of the more aggressive wolves, who, minutes before were stalking me, walked over, sat down beside me and allowed me to embrace them – one of them even offered a lick or two.

In that moment, I had an amazing insight: that underneath, these wolves and the combat vets had a lot in common. On the outside was a wild, intense, intimidating personality, but on the inside was this naturally, centered, balanced, peaceful being. As I walked away from this encounter, I was a changed man…and now on a mission.

And that’s how it all started. From there, I went on to develop and launch The CATalyst, a groundbreaking, experiential program involving many species- bringing together man and beast in mutually beneficial ways.”

Kevin Rose, Founder of The CATalyst

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“The shift that I experienced in the presence of you and the animals has enabled me to carry a new awareness into patient care. We are seeing subtle results, especially in patients with addiction and PTSD. I definitely see this method as an additional treatment tool for individuals with behavior/emotional patterning in which pharmaceutical effectiveness is limited.

Having experienced this powerful work in my own tissues, as a healthcare professional I know that the concept of healing that you are facilitating through The CATalyst can ‘move mountains’ one moment at a time by applying one awareness at a time, gracefully and gently. The potential domino effect that this interspecies healing can have is infinite.”

– Sheela Chokshi, MD, Physician Leader of the Integrative Medicine Program, Tampa General Hospital