Tiger sunshine

This encounter you’re about to experience is presented by The CATalyst, which Kevin Rose founded. It is designed to teach humans how to deal with stress in a most unique way. The goal is to give you new tools to lower your stress levels and attain a new sense of inner peace. The twist is this: Kevin will guide you through this process along with some of the world’s wildest animals- cougars, leopards, lions, and tigers (behind fences, of course).

How can a face-to-face, adrenaline-fueled moment with a wild animal possibly facilitate deep relaxation? Here’s how it works. When you look into the eyes of these wild animals, through cages, of course, you naturally return to a primal state: you become more alert, your mood alters, and your senses are heightened.

As Kevin accompanies you around the refuge, each time you encounter one of your “animal teachers”, your stress levels reduce, you become more relaxed and focused. You are astonished to observe the animals reacting to things you and Kevin are talking about. By the time you’re finished, your perspectives have changed and you’ve become buoyant, newly hopeful, and focused.

As you leave the refuge to go back into the world, you will take with you not only a memorable experience, but a new sense of confidence, clarity, and focus.Schedule Now

White Tiger

“I watched in amazement as the calmer I became, the animals followed suit. They responded with great sensitivity to my emotional state. As I relaxed and became more centered, so did they, to the point that they ceased pacing and became comfortable in my presence. The CATalyst is a remarkable and powerful program that yields real value. Interacting with these wild, predatory animals provides insight into our true nature, and is an experience not to be missed.”

– Richard C. Huseman, Ph.D., Founder/CEO, Executive Development & Education, Former Dean, UCF College of Business Administration

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