Kevin and mountain lion

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Imagine coming to a quiet, wooded nature preserve an easy drive from downtown Orlando. You pull your car onto a long dirt driveway—-suddenly, you’re driving under a comforting canopy of green as your car bounces along. You’ve already entered a different, more peaceful world. With the windows of your car open, perhaps you become aware of the sounds of calling birds high above you. As you park, you notice fenced enclosures all around, and as you turn off your engine, you pause for a moment.

“What am I doing here?” you ask yourself, but taking a deep breath you get out of your car and are greeted by a very friendly man named Kevin Rose. You and he make eye contact and you’re pleased to encounter his warm, welcoming smile. You smile back and realize you’re in a safe place….even though you know there are wild animals nearby. Kevin is your host, your mentor and your guide.

Kevin and monkey

You’re about to experience a once-in-a-lifetime encounter between humans, wild animals, and the beautiful environment. You may be here because you came to a point in your life where you had to step out of the box and do something different. So, here you are.

When I arrived at the sanctuary, Kevin was warm, friendly, relaxed, and totally present. He was knowledgeable and confident. I knew doing healing work with Kevin would be safe, and most importantly, I could trust him. As a result of grounding and connecting to the animals, my perception shifted in ways beyond description. I believe wholeheartedly that Kevin Rose and The CATalyst can benefit other individuals struggling to be free of the perceptions that haunt them and enjoy a happier life.”

– Jenny T. Velez, MD, Orlando, FL

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